Study Abroad

The University of California Education Abroad Program (EAP) runs programs in Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden in the summer and also during the academic year, tailored for a variety of needs, interests, and levels of linguistic competence. Fall, Spring, academic-year, and summer programs for junior-semester-abroad opportunities offer continuing language study coupled with a variety of subjects, many applicable to fulfill major and minor requirements in Scandinavian with advance advising.

An academic-year program is available at four universities: the University of Copenhagen for Danish language and cultural studies, the University of Oslo for cultural studies and science courses in English, the University of Lund for study in Swedish language and cultural studies, and Uppsala University for study conducted in English, with optional Swedish language study.

For UC Berkeley study-abroad programs for Summer, Fall, Spring, and academic-year programs, see the links provided.

Study Abroad in Denmark

Study Abroad in Iceland

Study Abroad in Norway

Study Abroad in Sweden 

To search for complete application, scholarship, and related information, view the homepage for the Berkeley Program for Study Abroad. For questions, your UC Berkeley advisor for Study Abroad in Scandinavia is Michelle Ayazi, See the advising schedule here.

Students occasionally choose to go on a study-abroad program in Scandinavian countries that is not run by EAP. While this can be a productive option, the transfer of credits can be a significant issue, and students should become well-informed both about the credentials of the program of interest and the procedures for counting work done toward one’s Berkeley degree. In order for credit to transfer to your UC Berkeley transcript, the sponsoring institution must be a 4-year, degree-granting institution. Details on EAP-sponsored programs, application requirements, and information on study abroad through other institutions can be found by starting with their home page.

Major and Minor Advising Before Applying to a Study-Abroad Program

Declared or prospective majors for all concentrations in the Scandinavian major or those planning a minor should arrange an appointment with our Undergraduate Student Services Advisor well in advance of applying to any program for study abroad. Issues including language preparation prior to departure, the timely completion of major or minor requirements, preliminary review of potential courses to be taken abroad, time to degree, and others will be discussed and a workable study-list plan will be established. With careful planning, students can apply to their program of choice with confidence that requirements will be met while enjoying their experience abroad.

Upon approval, up to three courses (12 units) may be applied in fulfillment of major requirements; for minors, up to two courses (8 units) may be applied toward minor requirements.

Schedule an advising appointment at or contact Amanda Minafo, Undergraduate Student Services Advisor.

For confirmation of transferable coursework credit for the major or minor upon your return, plan to make an appointment with the current Faculty Undergraduate Advisor in the Department of Scandinavian (information on the current faculty assignment is available here).

Danish and Swedish Language Proficiency

Programs emphasizing the study of Danish or Swedish language and culture require a pre-departure proficiency at a minimum of 1 year of elementary language study. Course lectures, reading, and written assignments are normally taught in the language of the country, with the exception of the summer program in Denmark. For questions regarding your proficiency level to ensure successful study abroad, please contact Lotta Weckstrom, Scandinavian Department Language Program Coordinator: