Minor in Scandinavian

A minor in Scandinavian adds depth to many other major courses of study, especially those with special stakes in Scandinavian material, such as Architecture, Environmental Design, Economics, History, Political Science, Comparative Literature, Film, and English. It is not necessary to study a Scandinavian language to minor in Scandinavian; all upper-division courses are taught in English with texts in translation and are easily accessible to students with general interests in Scandinavian culture.

The requirements include five upper-division electives of the student’s choosing.

Effective for Summer 2023 graduates and forward: You must declare your minor prior to the first day of classes of your Expected Graduation Term (EGT). If your EGT is a Summer term, the deadline to declare a minor is anytime prior to the first day of classes for Summer Session A. Contact undergraduate advisor, Amanda Minafo, at issaug@berkeley.edu to declare the minor.

In your final semester, complete the College of Letters & Science Minor Completion form and return it to issaug@berkeley.edu.

The minor declaration policy has been updated as of December 2022.

Students with credit from EAP courses in Denmark and Sweden should consult with the Faculty Undergraduate Adviser for help in determining requirement equivalencies.

Update: December 9, 2022: Scandinavian will allow a Pass grade for major/minor requirements for Fall 2022 only, per L&S’s Fall ’22 P/NP late grade option modification due to the strike.