Awards, Scholarships, and Grants


At commencement each year, there are two awards the Department of Scandinavian can make to deserving students majoring in Scandinavian:

  • The first, the Departmental Citation, can be given to one student each year who has done outstanding academic work (minimum GPA of 3.5) in either the Scandinavian or Celtic Studies major.
  • The second, the Lundberg Prize, is a Department of Scandinavian award recognizing excellence in scholarship by a graduating senior who has majored in Scandinavian. This prize was offered for the first time in 2013.

Recent Scandinavian Department award recipients include:

2021-22 Fey Pogue (Citation)
2020-21 Gabrielle Muller (Citation)
2019-20 Jacqueline Solis (Citation
2018-19 Rachel Bosnyak (Citation)
2017-18 Celine Vezina (Citation)
2016-17 Michael Nakada (Citation)
2015-16 Brianna Panasenco (Citation)
2013-14 Severin Martinez (Lundberg)
2013-14 Holly Kane (Citation)
2012-13 Kailey Willmore (Lundberg)
2009-10 Genevieve Thurston (Citation)
2007-08 Linda Nyberg (Citation)
2005-06 Lindsie Goss (Citation)
2003-04 Gary Duncan (Citation)
2002-03 Marie Mathiesen (Citation)
2001-02 Rachel Fox (Citation)
2000-01 Elizabeth Stokkebye (Citation)

Undergraduate Scholarships
See also the Fellowships & Grants page.

Gudrun Gytel Fund Scholarships
The Gudrun Gytel Fund was established in 1998 in order to provide qualified American University students with the opportunity to further their knowledge of Danish culture, history, language, literature, politics and society. The scholarship supports semester or academic year-long study at recognized Danish institutions of higher education in the fields of humanities and social sciences, as well as in architecture, engineering, technology and related fields.

Undergraduate Travel Grants

James I. Healy Undergraduate Travel Fund
The Healy travel fund was established in 2007 through a generous donation from James Healy, who received a B.A. in Scandinavian in 1990. Note: This award is not currently funded.

Past recipients of the Healy Travel Grant include:

Michael Nakada (2016, Danish/Scandinavian Major)
Douglas Blue (2011, Danish/Scandinavian Minor)
Genevieve Thurston (2009, Danish/Scandinavian Major)

Lundberg Travel Grant
Beginning in the academic year 2015-16, the Department of Scandinavian invites students who have taken coursework in the department to apply for grants to subsidize travel to study-abroad programs anywhere in the Nordic region, either for summer or semester-long programs. One Lundberg Travel Grant in the amount of $1500 will be available each year in this competition, if funding allows. The deadline is February 1 each year (applications cannot be considered off-cycle), and applicants should not have more than junior-year standing at that time (awards are targeted for use the following summer or academic year). Interested students should submit an unofficial transcript and a 1-2 page, single-spaced statement of purpose to the current Undergraduate Faculty Adviser by that deadline, together with this application form. The statement should note the departmental courses taken so far, the relevant details of the study-abroad program, and the importance of the targeted program for the intended course of study. Preference will be given to Scandinavian majors, but all who have taken a minimum of two courses in the department (including enrollments current at the time of application) are eligible for the competition.

NOTE: Undergraduate awards may or may not affect University financial aid status. Documentation of travel and study in a Scandinavian country will be required for all awardees.