Information for Transfer Students

The Department of Scandinavian welcomes transfer students and encourages them to choose one of our five new major concentrations available beginning Fall Semester 2015. Our Undergraduate Student Services Advisor is available to help you plan course work towards a single major, but also for a double major or a minor. To find out about admission to Berkeley as a transfer student click here for information.

Good News for Community-College Transfer Students!

You may have noticed by viewing transfer information offered by your community college that lower-division courses required for Scandinavian major concentrations are unavailable. This is due to the fact that Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, and modern Icelandic are not commonly taught languages. The good news: students do not have to take language prerequisites and Scandinavian 60 and 75 before applying for transfer to be considered for admission to UC Berkeley and the major in Scandinavian. Our language sequences begin each Fall at both the first- and second-year levels, and the required lower-division courses Scandinavian 75 (Literature and Culture of the Nordic World, offered each Fall Semester) and 60 (Heroic Legends of the North, offered each Spring Semester) can be taken upon arrival and completed within the first academic year at Berkeley. The 46 total required units—including all upper-division requirements—can be completed within the four to five semesters allotted for transfer students to finish requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree.

If you are considering a major or double major, you should contact the Undergraduate Student Services Advisor as soon as possible after admission to Berkeley. The College of Letters and Science has a firm deadline for transfer students declaring a major (early in their second semester), so plan to start taking your first language course and Scandinavian 75 upon arrival in the fall. For information on requirements, click here.

If you plan to minor in Scandinavian, you should also contact our Undergraduate Student Services Advisor as early as possible to explore this option. For transfer students with a limited time to complete requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree, the sooner you explore this option the sooner we will be able to determine together whether adding a minor is workable. Students interested in the minor should plan a study list with an intent to minor with the Undergraduate Student Services Advisor. Click here for information on requirements for the minor.

Who to Contact:

Amanda Minafo
Undergraduate Student Services Advisor