The Department of Scandinavian is pleased to offer two forms of sponsorship to a limited number of academically qualified visitors who are interested in a temporary in-residence affiliation with the department while conducting research and writing projects funded from other sources. The first, given the title of Visiting Scholar, is generally available for researchers who hold a Ph.D. granted more than 5 years ago, or who hold a Ph.D. and are on leave from another institution. The second, Visiting Student Researcher, is generally given to advanced dissertation students whose projects intersect with department interests. Ordinarily the department can host no more than three visitors in total in any one semester, and our minimum length of stay for official affiliation is generally 90 days.

Once approved and registered after arrival on campus, visitors are entitled to use of the University libraries, email, and CalNet identification during the time of residence in exchange for an annual University Services Fee paid by the visitor to the campus VSPA office.

In order to maintain these campus privileges, both domestic and international visitors are required have health insurance covering specific minimum requirements for the duration of their time at Berkeley. Insurance may be purchased or waived by providing proof of comparable health insurance, subject to approval.

International visitors are required to hold a J-1 visa, and are responsible for all fees related to visa processing. Currently the Berkeley campus charges a $650 minimum fee for a J visa application, in addition to other fees.

A further administrative fee shall be made payable directly to the Department of Scandinavian. For those with permanent faculty positions who are invited to come to UCB as Visiting Scholars, that fee will be $500 per semester. For post-doc Visiting Scholars and for PhD students who are coming as Visiting Student Researchers, the fee is $250 per semester.

Due to space limitations in our department, affiliated visitors cannot generally be provided with dedicated office space or computer workstations, but may use workspace in our department library with a personal laptop.

Visiting Scholars and Student Researchers will be assigned an individual faculty sponsor in the department who will help with orientation to the University upon arrival and integration into the intellectual life of the department. To facilitate this process, we ask that all officially affiliated visitors present a lecture on a research topic of their choice after their arrival in Berkeley by way of introduction for themselves and their work to the faculty and graduate students in the department.

Requests for Visiting Scholar and Visiting Student Researcher affiliation are evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis (there is no longer an official deadline, since funding application cycles in the Nordic countries vary). Applicants are encouraged to make early contact with the department since the visa process requires significant lead time (six months in advance of arrival) and the available positions generally fill up before then.

In addition to acceptance by the Department, all visiting scholar applications require mandatory approval of the VSPA office; please read more about their eligibility requirements for visiting scholars and visiting student researchers

Applications and any inquiries about the program should be directed to the current Department Chair as listed on this page.


Selected visitors at the UCB Department of Scandinavian since 2009

Visiting Professors with teaching assignments:
Camilla Storskog, University of Milan, Sp & F 2023
Andreas Önnerfors, Sp 2022
Anna Sandberg, University of Copenhagen, F 2016
Ulf Olsson, University of Stockholm, Sp 2015 and Sp 2020
Astrid Sæther, University of Oslo, F 2013
Jørgen Dines Johansen, University of Southern Denmark, Sp 2009
Gísli Sigurðsson, Árni Magnússon Institute, Sp 2009

Visiting Scholars:
Haukur Þorgeirsson, Árni Magnússon, Iceland, F 2024
Lisbeth Wærp, University of Tromsø, Sp 2024 and F 2024
Henning Wærp, University of Tromsø, F 2023 and Sp 2024
Jens Bjerring-Hansen, University of Copenhagen, Sp 2023
Louise Brix Jacobsen, Aalborg University, F 2022
Katrine Kehlet Bechsgaard, Carlsberg Foundation, F 2021, Sp 2022, and Sp 2022
Lars Fodstad, F 2019-Sp 2020
Astrid Sophie Ost Hansen, F 2019
Peter Stein Larsen, Aalborg University, Sp 2019
John Brumo, NTNU, F 2018 and Sp 2019
Kjerstin Moody, Gustavus Adolphus College, F 2018
Bettina Perregaard, University of Copenhagen, F 2018
Ulf Olsson, University of Stockholm, F 2018
Guðrún Nordal, University of Iceland, Sp 2017
Lars Rune Waage, University of Stavanger, Sp 2017
Stefan Kjerkegaard, Aarhus University, Sp 2016
Karen Asta Valgarda, University of Copenhagen, Sp 2016
Per Thomas Andersen, University of Oslo, F 2015-Sp 2016
Elisabeth Oxfeldt, University of Oslo, F 2015-Sp 2016
Tony Sorensen, IT University of Copenhagen, F 2015
Lotta Weckstrom, F 2015-Sp 2016
Maria Simonsson, Linköping University, F 2014
Ove Solum, University of Oslo, F 2014
Bjørn Sørenssen, NTNU, Sp 2014
Ulf Olsson, University of Stockholm, Sp 2014
Astrid Sæther, University of Oslo, F 2012-Sp 2013, Sp 2014
Narve Fulsås, University of Tromsø, F 2013
Mats Jansson, University of Gothenburg, F 2012-Sp 2013
Peer E. Sørensen, Aarhus University, Sp 2012
Anna Stenport, University of Illinois, Sp 2011-F 2011
Terry Gunnell, University of Iceland, Sp 2010
Malan Marnersdottir, University of the Faroe Islands, F 2009

Visiting Student Researchers:
Max Richter, LMU München, F 2024
Sara Bruun Jørgensen, University of Southern Denmark, Sp 2024
Jonas Bækgaard, University of Copenhagen, F 2023
Amalie Skovmøller, University of Copenhagen, Sp 2023
Matthias Danboldt, University of Copenhagen, Sp 2023
Lea Allouche, University of Oslo, Sp 2023
Alexander Conroy, University of Copenhagen, F 2022
Øyvind Sjåstad, University of Oslo, Sp 2022 and F 2022
Thor Holt, University of Oslo, F 2021 and Sp 2022
Tuire Liimatainen, University of Helsinki, Sp 2020
Ellen Frödin, University of Stockholm, F 2017 and Sp 2018
Sofia Warkander, University of Stockholm, F 2017 and Sp 2018
Svein Henrik Nyhus, University of Oslo, F 2016
Minna Rissanen, University of Jyväskylä, F 2016 – Sp 2017
Hedvig Harnsten, Stockholm University, F 2016
Sirkku Miikkulainen, University of Jyväskylä, Sp 2016
Florian Schreck, University of Bergen, Sp 2016
Julianne Yang, University of Oslo, Sp 2016
Kristina Leganger Iversen, University of Oslo, F 2015-Sp 2016
Torsten Bogh Thomsen, University of Southern Denmark & University of Copenhagen, F 2015
Mette Pedersen Høeg, University of Copenhagen, F 2014-Sp 2015
Mikael Varjo, University of Turku, F 2014 – Sp 2015
Marcus Axelsson, Uppsala University, F 2013
Aija Virtanen, University of Jyväskylä, F 2013-Sp 2014
Olaf Haagensen, University of Agder, F 2012-Sp 2013
Amanda Pirila, University of Turku, F 2012-Sp 2013
Lasse Gammelgaard, Aarhus University, F 2011
Jenni Tuikkala, University of Tampere, F 2011-Sp 2012
Siri Hempel Lindø, University of Agder, Sp 2011
Jenni Lehdenvirta, University of Jyväskylä, F 2010-Sp 2011
Anders Skare Malvik, NTNU, Sp 2010
Elisabet Björklund, Lund University, Sp 2010
Petri Koikkalainen, University of Lapland, Sp 2010
Anna Jörngården, Stockholm University, F 2009-Sp 2010
Mikko Taurama, University of Helsinki, F 2009-Sp 2010
Gorm Larsen, Aalborg University, F 2009