Interdisciplinary Programs

Medieval Studies

The interdisciplinary graduate group in Medieval Studies provides intellectual interaction between faculty and graduate students in a variety of UCB departments that feature medieval studies within their individual curricula. Graduate students already accepted and enrolled in a home department can also apply to the Medieval Studies Concurrent Ph.D. program. More detailed information on the interdisciplinary program in Medieval Studies can be found here.

Designated Emphasis programs

The UCB Graduate Division allows students accepted and enrolled in a home department to pursue a Designated Emphasis (essentially, a graduate minor) in an approved interdisciplinary field. Each Designated Emphasis has its own requirements, but usually requires several core courses and representation from the relevant faculty on both the exam and dissertation committees. The Designated Emphasis programs listed below are those that have typically been of interest to our students; please consult each website for detailed descriptions and requirements. (It is assumed that students who are considering one of these options will have discussed their plans with the department’s current Graduate Adviser early enough in their graduate careers so as not to unduly delay their time to degree.)

The Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory: The DE in Critical Theory permits interested students to specialize in critical theory, and to obtain certification of this specialization, while pursuing a Ph.D. in an established UC Berkeley Department. Critical Theory is not an independent degree granting program. Students admitted to the DE and completing the requirements will receive a parenthetical notation to that effect on their doctoral degrees.

Designated Emphasis in Film Studies: The Designated Emphasis in Film Studies provides curricular and research resources for students who want to concentrate on film within their respective disciplines and have their work formally recognized. Applicants to this program must have completed one seminar in the Department of Film and Media at the time of application and must fulfill specific course, Qualifying Exam, and Dissertation Committee requirements if admitted to the program.

Designated Emphasis in Folklore: Students receiving degrees from other departments may now declare a designated emphasis in Folklore Studies. The designated emphasis is designed to complement core PhD programs and provides exciting opportunities for interdisciplinary study and cross-collaboration.

The Designated Emphasis in Renaissance and Early Modern Studies: offers comprehensive training in intellectual and cultural history, material culture, and languages of the Renaissance and Early Modern periods.

The Designated Emphasis Program in Women, Gender, and Sexuality: This is an interdisciplinary program available to students who are already admitted to a graduate program at University of California, Berkeley. Taken in conjunction with Ph.D. programs in the Humanities and Social Sciences, the Designated Emphasis provides opportunities for interdisciplinary study with more than 30 faculty across the campus.

The Designated Emphasis in New Media:  BCNM’s Designated Emphasis (D.E.) program is for selected UC Berkeley Ph.D. students from any Berkeley home department with research interests in new media. It is supplemental to the Ph.D. program in the regular departments, and provides enhanced skills in analyzing and/or designing future media with an awareness of historical, social, cultural, and other perspectives that might not be visible from any single disciplinary point of view.