Planned 2015-16 Courses

The following courses have been tentatively planned for the academic year 2015-16, pending budget finalization. They are listed here as a convenience for majors and other students making provisional scheduling decisions for the coming year.

Fall 2015

Danish 1A
Finnish 1A
Icelandic 1A
Norwegian 1A
Swedish 1A
Scandinavian 5A
Scandinavian 5B
Scandinavian 75
Scandinavian 100A
Scandinavian 101A
Scandinavian 102A
Scandinavian 120
Scandinavian 123
Scandinavian 220
Scandinavian 235

Spring 2016

Danish 1B
Finnish 1B
Icelandic 1B
Norwegian 1B
Swedish 1B
Scandinavian 5B
Scandinavian 60
Scandinavian 100B
Scandinavian 101B
Scandinavian 102B
Scandinavian 106
Scandinavian 150
Scandinavian 220
Scandinavian 250