IES: Why Vikings, Frozen and Kahoot are Important for Norway’s Future – and What Norway can Learn from Silicon Valley

Presented by the Institute of European Studies and the Norway House Foundation.

Gro Dyrnes, Regional Director Americas, Director San Francisco and Silicon Valley, representing Norway in the Nordic Innovation House Board and in VisitNorway.


The discussion over the last years in Norway has been centered around value creation “after oil”. This presentation will discuss advantages and challenges in Norway’s innovation system and culture and will also compare this to the Silicon Valley ecosystem and mentality.

Gro Dyrnes was formerly the Chief of Staff, Regional Director for Western Europe and the Nordics and IT-director, in Innovation Norway, board member in the Nordic Fund, Nordic Innovation. Her first start-up experience was as a consultant for the Norwegian Trade Council in London, management for hire in a Norwegian tech company in San Francisco and Houston.

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