SCANDINAVIAN 235: Studies in Romanticism and Realism: The Nineteenth-Century Novel

W 1-4 , 6415 Dwinelle. Instructor: Karin Sanders

Units: 4

The Scandinavian novel came into its own during the nineteenth century and allows us to examine not only inflections of Romanticism and Realism or Naturalism and Impressionism, but also how social and aesthetic discourses were formed around the concepts and creations of characters and plots. While we will engage various novel theories our principal focus will be on in-depth analysis of primary texts. Authors will include C.J.L. Almqvist, Fredrika Bremer, Camilla Collett, Søren Kierkegaard, I.P. Jacobsen, Amalie Skram, Herman Bang and Arne Garborg.

Texts: To be announced.

Prerequisites: Graduate standing or consent of instructor.