250: Romanticism and Realism: Critical Theory and Scandinavian Literature

W 1-4 , 6415 Dwinelle. Instructor: Karin Sanders

Units: 4

How are we to understand the functions of critical theory, and how does theories apply to Scandinavian literature, art, and culture?  In this course, we will try to make sense of the plethora of systems (and jargons) that we find in critical theory, and, whenever appropriate, we will link our investigation to critical practices and connect the theoretical assumption to selected Scandinavian texts.  Our exploration will start by asking, what is theory? and then move on to explore how authors and readers are understood in varies theoretical settings. This will be followed by inquiries into phenomenological, psychoanalytical and feminist & queer theories as well as deconstruction, new historicism, cultural theory, and post-colonial theory.

Texts: TBA in class.

Prerequisites: Graduate standing; consent of instructor.