SCANDINAVIAN 300A: Methods of Teaching Scandinavian Languages

MWF 12-1 , 6410 Dwinelle. Instructor: Karen Møller

Units: 4


Language GSIs also enroll in Scandinavian 300B, Section 1, Teaching Practicum:  Languages.


  • To gain:  A theoretical understanding of issues in foreign language learning and ability to critically evaluate methods and material.
  • An understanding of linguistic, psychological and cultural processes in foreign language learning.
  • A development of a repertoire of techniques to meet various teaching situations.
  • An ability to construct valid, reliable and practical evaluation measures.

Participation:  You will be asked to present a specific method to the class in a microteaching session, analyze the methodology in the teaching materials that you are using (2 pages), observe and report on another foreign language class (peer observation) (2 pages) and define and carry out a small research project in your class (5 pages).

Required Readings:  Reader

Prerequisite:  GSI status in the Department of Scandinavian and also open to GSIs in other foreign language departments.