SCANDINAVIAN 149: Major Studies

Meetings TBD , , , Faculty Offices. Instructor: Faculty

Units: 1

For Scandinavian majors.

One hour of discussion per week. Prerequisites: Knowledge of a Scandinavian language/completion of 2 years of a Scandinavian language at UC Berkeley. Additional work, for majors in Scandinavian and other qualified students with permission of the instructor, in connection with one of the following: Scandinavian C107, C108, 115, 116, 117, 120, 165, and other upper-division courses by approval of the Faculty Major Adviser.  Students attend lectures and do all written work in the “main course and also read assignments in the Scandinavian languages and write a short paper.

To enroll, complete an Independent Study form (see Amanda Minafo, undergraduate advisor, for the form) with the faculty member. Return the completed form to Amanda, who will enroll you in the appropriate section.