SCANDINAVIAN 101A: Introduction to Old Norse I

TuTh 3:30-5 , 6415 Dwinelle. Instructor: Jonas Wellendorf

Units: 4

L&S Breadth:  Arts & Literature

(Fall only.  Old Norse 101B is offered in the Spring.)

This is an undergraduate-level class which will introduce students to the vernacular written language of Iceland and Norway in the Middle Ages. Class time will focus on grammatical lectures, translations, and close-reading exercises of Old Norse texts. By the end of the semester students should be able to read saga-style Old Norse prose texts in normalized orthography with the help of a dictionary. Assignments will include weekly translations, grammatical exercises, quizzes, a midterm, and a final exam. Regular participation is required.

Zöega’s Old Icelandic Dictionary (any edition) and additional texts to be announced by the instructor.

Prerequisites: none