FINNISH 102B: Intermediate Finnish

MWF 11-12 , M+F: Dwinelle 6415. W: Online. Instructor: Lotta Weckström

Units: 4

Three hours of language instruction per week. This course will further develop the students’ oral communicative competence, their reading and writing ability and cultural understanding. Emphasis in will be on aural/oral language skills, strategic reading comprehension skills and essay writing. Reading in different registers with vocabulary development will be studied and discussed. The class is multi-level, and class material, homework and assessment will be adjusted according to each student’s skill level.

Workload: About three hours of work outside the class per week, including independent work with DVDs and websites. Midterm exam and a final project. This is a multiple level course, repeatable for credit.

Texts and other study materials provided by the instructor.