FINNISH 102A: Intermediate Finnish

MWF 11-12 , MF: Dwinelle 6415; W: BLC, Room TBD. Instructor: Lotta Weckström

Units: 4

This is a cross campus listed course and will be taught with the UC Berkeley semester schedule. Students from other UC, and other campuses are most welcome to join and will be accommodated! UCB students will participate to this class in the classroom, enrolled students from other campuses via Zoom, a conferencing / distance teaching platform.


  • Students develop their communicative skills in both everyday and more formal communication situations.
  • Students develop their reading comprehension of different text types.
  • Students work on their skills of vocabulary, syntax, and idioms and continue to familiarize themselves with colloquial, authentic Finnish.
  • All four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing are practiced.
  • Students practice various text types with writing workshop assignments.
  • Cultural information and everyday life in modern Finland is discussed in context of the study materials.
  • Authentic experiences aiding language learning are provided via films, visits by guest speakers etc.


1. Suomen mestari 2 (2012) Gehring & Heinzmann. FinnLectura Ab.ISBN 978-951-792-477-

2. Materials provided by the instructor

PREREQUISITES: Finnish 1A and 1B. Students who have acquired basic Finnish skills elsewhere should contact the instructor prior to enrolling to this class.

Attendance and participation (20%)
Presentation (15%)

Homework assignment (15%)

Writing workshop (15%)
Midterm exam (15%)
Final Exam (20%)