FINNISH 102A: Intermediate Finnish

MWF 11-12 , Dwinelle B7. Instructor: Lotta Weckström

Units: 4

This is a cross campus listed course and will be taught with the quarter schedule to accommodate students from other UC campuses. We will meet on 8/22 but instruction begins formally on 9/28. UCB students will participate to this class in the classroom, enrolled students from other campuses via Zoom, a conferencing / distance teaching platform.


  • Students develop their communicative skills in both everyday and more formal communication situations.
  • Students develop their reading comprehension of different text types.
  • Students work on their skills of vocabulary, syntax, and idioms and continue to familiarize themselves with colloquial, authentic Finnish.
  • All four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing are practiced.
  • Students work on essay writing skills.
  • Cultural information and everyday life in modern Finland is discussed in context of the study materials.
  • Authentic experiences aiding language learning are provided via films, visits by guest speakers, and a joint project with students from other Finnish programs in North-American universities.

1. Suomen mestari 2 -with a CD- (2012) Gehring & Heinzmann. FinnLectura Ab.ISBN 978-951-792-477-

2. Materials provided by the instructor

PREREQUISITES: Finnish 1A and 1B. Students who have acquired basic Finnish skills elsewhere should contact the instructor prior to enrolling to this class.

Attendance and participation (20%)
Homework assignments (15%)
Presentation (15%)
Midterm exam (15%)
Project with North-American Universities Finnish programs (15%)
Final Exam (20%)