ICELANDIC 1A: Beginning Modern Icelandic

MWF 9-10 , 6415 Dwinelle. Instructor: Jackson Crawford

Units: 4

(Fall only. Icelandic 1B is offered in Spring.) Icelandic is the language of the land of fire and ice set in the middle of the North Atlantic amid towering mountain crags and the aurora borealis. It is also a very conservative language, preserving much of the character of Old Norse, while remaining very much the tongue of a unique nation participating fully in the modern world. The literature, both medieval and modern, is unbeatable.

The goal of this course is for the student to comprehend spoken and written Icelandic relating to familiar, everyday topics, and to speak Icelandic well enough to satisfy immediate needs.

Texts: to be announced.

Prerequisites: None. Icelandic 1A presumes no familiarity with the language.


No auditing is permitted in Scandinavian language courses.

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