ICELANDIC 1A: Beginning Modern Icelandic

MWF 9-10 , Dwinelle 6415. Instructor: Tiffany White

Units: 4

Icelandic is a strategic language in transatlantic connections between the U.S. and Europe, as well as between Europe and the Arctic. Recently popularized through television shows such as Game of Thrones and movie series such as Thor and Star Wars, Iceland boasts a beautiful landscape and a rich history. The language is very conservative, preserving much of the character of Old Norse, while remaining very much the tongue of a unique nation participating fully in the modern world. The goal of this course is for the student to comprehend spoken and written Icelandic relating to familiar, everyday topics.

THIS COURSE IS ALSO OFFERED AS A DISTANCE LEARNING CLASS FOR STUDENTS AT OTHER UC CAMPUSES.  This is a UC cross-campus listed course and will be taught to accommodate students from other UC campuses. We will meet on August 22, but please note that instruction using the required texts (TBA) starts on September 28.

Prerequisites:  None.  Icelandic 1A presumes no familiarity with the language. Nevertheless, knowledge of other Germanic or Classical languages will be of great help.

Instructor pending appointment.