FINNISH 1A: Beginning Finnish

MWF 9-10 , Dwinelle 6415. Instructor: Lotta Weckström

Units: 4

This is a cross campus listed course and will be taught with the quarter schedule to accommodate students from other UC campuses. We will meet on 8/28 but instruction begins formally on 9/28 when other UC campuses start. UCB students will participate to this class in the classroom, enrolled students from other campuses via Zoom, a conferencing / distance teaching platform.

Students will learn the basic structures of the Finnish language and will be able to use them in simple, everyday conversation. All four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing will be studied and practiced in context with the structures of Finnish. Both colloquial (spoken) and formal (written) forms of the Finnish language will be studied and practiced. Historical and cultural information as well as everyday life in modern Finland will be discussed in connection with language studies.

Suomen mestari 1. Suomen kielen oppikirja aikuisille. (Finlectura 2011) Sonja Gehring & Sanni Heinzman
Additional texts, websites, listening clips, film clips, etc. will be provided.

Attendance and participation (30%)
Homework assignments, including the language/culture log (20%)
Quizzes (25%)
Final exam (25%)

Prerequisites: None. All welcome / Tervetuloa!