Amanda Minafo

Undergraduate Program Information: Student guidance and orientation; major, double major, and minor planning and declaration; study abroad course and requirements planning.

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Moriah VanVleet

Management of department budget and general operations, including HR support for professors, lecturers and visitors; orientation and support for searches, new hires, visitors; visas, benefits, and payroll.

Elizabeth LaVarge-Baptista

Deposits, purchasing, accounts reconciliation, reimbursements, including travel and entertainment; graduate student personnel; librarian and work study supervision; course textbook and desk copy ordering coordination; website administration.

Ian Thompson

Ian began studying Scandinavian at the University of Washington, where he completed degrees in Danish language and History. Ian joined the Berkeley Scandinavian department in the fall of 2009 and has pursued study in modern Danish, medieval and early-modern Scandinavia, and the intersections of history and literature. » read more »

Rosie Taylor

Rosie’s love of the medieval period began in childhood and never left. Starting in 2008 she spent two summers on an archaeological dig in Iceland, where she became hooked on Viking-Age Scandinavia. She earned her B.A. in Medieval Studies from Smith College in 2012 with a focus on Old English language and Old Norse literature. » read more »

Ida Moen Johnson

Ida Moen Johnson’s interest in Scandinavian studies stems from her upbringing in a Scandinavian-American family and her studies of comparative literature. She earned her undergraduate degree in comparative literature in 2005 from Brown University where she focused on Spanish and French literature of the Caribbean. » read more »

Christian Gullette

Christian Gullette is a seventh-year Ph.D. candidate with a focus on contemporary Swedish literature and film and a designated emphasis in women, gender, and sexuality. His current dissertation research focuses on intersections of categories of race, masculinity and sexuality in contemporary Swedish literature and film as they are negotiated in the context of neoliberal economic discourse. » read more »

Jenna Coughlin

Jenna received her PhD in Scandinavian from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2017 with a dissertation titled “Conceptions of Nature in Nynorsk Poetry: Local Language and Situated Nature Knowledge in Ivar Aasen, Olav Nygard, and Aslaug Vaa.” Having received her BA in Anthropology from the University of Chicago, Jenna’s research is interdisciplinary, focusing on the intersection between language, literature, and cultural practice, especially at moments of significant environmental and social change. Her research on poetry focuses on how poets use poetic form and vernacular language to navigate these changes. She has two publications forthcoming on the poetry of Inger Elisabeth Hansen, and she has also published on postcolonialism in the work of Thor Heyerdahl. Jenna has taught Norwegian language at Berkeley, as well as courses on place, immigration, travel narratives, and nature in Scandinavian literature and culture.

Adam J. Carl

Adam J. Carl has had a lifelong fascination for Norse mythology, and was frequently unsatisfied with the subject’s treatment by coffee-table books. He is now pursuing a Ph.D. in the Scandinavian Department after studying at The Ohio State University and the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. » read more »