IES: Ruth Jacoby: “Europe at a Crossroads”

Presented by the Institute of European Studies at UC Berkeley.

Europe has arrived at a challenging juncture in its history, economics and politics. There is Brexit, growing right-wing, populist and anti-European movements in Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, but also in core EU-countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, and France, as well as in the Nordic countries. Growth is still sluggish after the financial crisis in 2008-9, unemployment is high, and the security situation shakier than for a long time. The unprecedented flow of migrants and asylum seekers has put a great strain on reception capacities in the past couple of years. Several key European countries hold elections this year, setting the course for the next years.

Ruth Jacoby retired last year from the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Her most recent postings abroad were as Sweden’s ambassador to Italy (2010-2015) and Sweden’s ambassador to Germany (2006-2010).

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