Translating the Untranslatable in Ursula Andkjaer Olsen’s Third-Millenium Heart

Join the Translation Studies Working Group and ScandGrads for a talk by Katrine Øgaard Jensen, translator of Ursula Andkjær Olsen’s award-winning poetry collection Det 3. årtusindes hjerte / Third-Millennium Heart. The talk will be held in Moses 201 at 2PM on November 30, 2017. Reception to follow in the Scandinavian lounge on floor F of Dwinelle, courtesy of the Scandinavian Department.

Hailed as a major work in contemporary Danish literature, Third-Millennium Heart contains a multitude of subtle cultural, scientific, and mythological references, in addition to experiments with puns, syntax, and neologisms—a true minefield for a literary translator. In her talk, Katrine Øgaard Jensen will give an overview of the challenges she encountered while translating Third-Millennium Heart into English and discuss creative (mis)translation techniques in poetry based on examples from the work.

Katrine Øgaard Jensen is the editor of EuropeNow, a journal of political research, literature, and art at Columbia University, and a 2017 poetry judge for the Best Translated Book Award, as well as the National Translation Award.    

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