Jonas Wellendorf
Assistant Professor of Scandinavian
Ph.D., University of Bergen (Old Norse Philology)

Teaching and Research interests: Old Norse-Icelandic literature, textual culture and language, Viking and Medieval Scandinavia, medieval understandings of the past, medieval views on language, Old Norse-Icelandic learned literature (including grammatical, theological and mythological literature and literature on poetics), medieval translations, medieval modes of interpretation, the Latin/vernacular interface.

Current projects: North of Babel – on the rise of vernacular literature in the North
The Fourth Grammatical Treatise – an edition of the text with translation and commentary (in collaboration with Margaret Clunies Ross, Sydney).

Selected Publications

(A complete and always up-to-date listing can be found in my CV at

Books: (Move over title for cover photo)


Kristelig visionslitteratur i norrøn tradition. Bibliotheca Nordica 2. Oslo: Novus [Christian Vision Literature in Old Norse Tradition, monograph]


Oral Art Forms and Their Passage into Writing. Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum [volume edited in collaboration with Else Mundal].



"The Interplay of Pagan and Christian Traditions in Icelandic Settlement Myths", Journal of English and Germanic Philology 109, 1 pp. 1–21.

"The Attraction of the Earliest Old Norse Vernacular Hagiography", in Saints and Their Lives on the Periphery: Veneration of Saints in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe (c. 1000–1200) (eds. Haki Antonsson and Ildar Garipzanov), pp. 241–258. Cursor Mundi 9. Turnhout: Brepols.

"Om højsædestolper, klokker og døre" in Á austrvega. Saga and East Scandinavia: Preprint papers of the 14th International Saga Conference (eds. Agneta Ney, Henrik Williams and Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist). Gävle, pp. 1016–1023.

"Apocalypse Now? Draumkvædet and the Visionary Literature" in Oral Art Forms and Their Passage into Writing (eds. Else Mundal and Jonas Wellendorf), pp. 135–149. Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press.


"Når engle skælver: Vredens dag i norrøn litteratur", Arr: Idéhistorisk tidsskrift 2007, 4, pp. 3–13 [When Angels Tremble: The Day of Wrath in Old Norse Literature].

"Middelalderlige rejser i den anden verden", Prosopopeia 14, 2, pp. 22–27. [Medieval Journeys in the Other World]


"Homogeneity and Heterogeneity in Old Norse Cosmology" in Old Norse Religion in Long-Term Perspectives (eds. Anders Andrén et al.). Lund: Scandinavian University Press, pp. 50–53.

"Over mytologiske floder", Maal og Minne 2006, 1, pp. 15–30 [Across Mythological Rivers].

"Visions and the Fantastic" in The Fantastic in Old Norse/Icelandic Literature – Sagas and the British Isles (eds. John McKinnell et al.). Durham, pp. 1025–1033.


"Ideologi og trosforestillinger i Óláfs þáttr Geirstaðaálfs", Nordica Bergensia 29, s. 147–169 [Ideology and Beliefs in Óláfs þáttr Geirstaðaálfs].



"Konungs skuggsjá", in Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages (ed. Robert E. Bjork), p. 939. Oxford: Oxford University Press [Lexicon article]

"Sermon Literature (Scandinavian)", in Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages (ed. Robert E. Bjork), pp. 1523–1524. Oxford: Oxford University Press [Lexicon article]

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