Moving Monuments: The Afterlife of Sculpture form the Danish Colonial Era

Mathias Danbolt & Amalie Skovmøller (University of Copenhagen)

In this lecture Professor Mathias Danbolt and Assistant Professor Amalie Skovmøller will introduce their ongoing research project “Moving Monuments: The Material Afterlives of Sculpture from the Danish Colonial Era” (2022-2025) that they are undertaking at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Working from the premise that sculptural monuments are dynamic historical agents whose functions and contexts change across time and space, the project examines the intersections of art, power, and imperial history. Their joint talk will discuss the framework of the project and present selected cases with a focus on sculptures made during the height of the Danish-Norwegian Empire between the 17th and the 19th century, and their ongoing afterlives in current debates on statues, monuments, and public spaces in Denmark today.

Reception to follow.

(Image: Still from Henning Jensen’s 1952 film on the 1946 recasting of Lamoureux’s equestrian statue of Christian V (1866), Kongens Nytorv, Copenhagen.)