Conference: “Unpacking the Nordic Model: the Perspective from the Humanities”

Co-sponsored by the Department of Scandinavian, the Peder Sather Center, and the University of Oslo.

Talks include:

  • “The Media Welfare State: Changes and Challenges for Public Service Broadcasting”
    Trine Syvertsen, UiO. Respondent: Deniz Gökturk, UCB
  • “Melancholy at the Crossroads: Depression in Scandinavian Fin-de-Siecle Literature”
    Kjersti Bale, UiO. Respondent: Christian Gullette, UCB
  • “After Honor: From Egil Skallagrimsson to Karl Ove Knausgaard”
    Per Thomas Andersen, UiO. Respondent: Linda Rugg, UCB
  • “Ugly Encounters between Nordic and Global Women in Contemporary Literature: Reflections on a Nordic State of Happiness”
    Elisabeth Oxfeldt, UiO. Respondent: Jeroen Dewulf, UCB

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