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Arts Research Center Fellows

Professor Karin Sanders and Scandinavian graduate student Zachary Blinkinsop have been awarded a 2018 ARC fellowship to advance interdisciplinary research in the arts at UC Berkeley!

Sibelius 150 Jubilee in the Bay Area

In celebration of the 150th birthday of Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the Finlandia Foundation is co-presenting concerts and symposia, starting November 1. (more…)

Congratulations, Christian!

Congratulations to graduate student Christian Gullette, who has been awarded the SASS Aurora Borealis Prize for Languages and Literatures for his presentation at the 2014 SASS conference at Yale University. (more…)

Congratulations, Ben Bigelow!

The Birgit Baldwin Fellowship, administered by the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study,  has been awarded to our graduate student Ben Bigelow for the academic year 2015-16. (more…)


Each of the first-year language courses in the department is now listed under the name of the individual language in the Online Schedule of Classes for Fall 2015, i.e. Danish 1A, Finnish 1A, Icelandic 1A, Norwegian 1A, and Swedish 1A. The old numbering system using “Scandinavian 1-4A” has been retired.

Seeking Lecturers for 2015-16 (deadline April 2)

The Department of Scandinavian will be hiring at the Lecturer rank for Reading & Composition courses, Modern Icelandic and Old Norse language teaching, and/or elective subject courses for both Fall Semester 2015 and Spring Semester 2016. (more…)

SASS Conference 2013 in San Francisco

The Scandinavian Department at the University of California, Berkeley, welcomed the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study to San Francisco for its 103rd annual meeting, held from May 2-4, 2013 in the San Francisco Hilton/Financial District. We had a lively exchange of ideas, with thematic streams (see program link, below), diverse paper formats, a discussion on the state of the profession, and a spotlight focus on contemporary literature of the Nordic countries. This was the first time SASS has met in San Francisco.

The SASS Team
The SASS organizers from UC-Berkeley

Endless nametags

View from the San Francisco Hilton, the conference venue

The Icelandic author Sjón

Sem-Sandberg and Olsson
Steve Sem-Sandberg in conversation with Ulf Olsson

The Norwegian author Hanne Ørstavik

Sanders and Aidt
Anne-Marie Aidt in conversation with Karin Sanders

SASS 2013 final program