A full-year course in beginning Modern Icelandic has been approved for our curriculum beginning in Fall 2015, thanks in part to the partial financial support of our Institute of European Studies on the Berkeley campus. Modern Icelandic will be taught as the other departmental courses in modern Nordic languages: the emphasis will be on the acquisition of multiple skills (speaking, comprehension, reading, and writing) in a communicative setting.

Icelandic 1A will be taught in Fall and Icelandic 1B in Spring. Each of the classes is taught three times per week.

Please be aware that no auditing is permitted in Scandinavian language courses. If you are not a currently enrolled student but would like to enroll in an Icelandic language class, go to Concurrent Enrollment, UC Berkeley Extension.

Please note that the UC Extension application has to be approved by the department. Approval is based on the availability of space in class. Enrolled UC students on a waitlist have priority.

If you have any questions please consult the Scandinavian languages coordinator Karen Møller at