FINNISH 1A: Beginning Finnish

MWF 9-10 , B33B Dwinelle. Instructor: Lotta Weckström

Units: 4


Non-Berkeley students who wish to enroll in a Scandinavian language course may register via Concurrent Enrollment, UC Berkeley Extension with instructor/department approval. Prospective Concurrent Enrollment students must attend the first class meeting and obtain instructor approval. When enrollment is impacted, UC Berkeley students will have priority registration.

UC Berkeley faculty and staff members interested in participating in Scandinavian language classes must first consult the Scandinavian languages coordinator, Karen Møller at:

(Fall only. Finnish 1B is offered in Spring.) Classes meet for three hours of Finnish instruction per week. Students will acquire basic communicative competence in all four foreign language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) within a cultural context.  Click here for more information about Finnish.

Workload:  About five hours of work outside of class per week, an oral and written midterm and final.

Sonja Gehring and Sanni Heinzmann:
Suomen mestari 1. Suomen oppikirja aikuisille
Second edition, 2011. Finn Lectura. ISBN 9789517924368

Prerequisites:  None. Elementary Finnish is open to students without prior knowledge of Finnish. However, the course is open to native, near-native, or heritage speakers of ANY OTHER Nordic language. Course cannot be repeated without prior consent from the language coordinator.